Spring planting schedule

May 15-16. A good weekend’s work just gone. Warm, sunny weather with a breeze. We planted Red Sails, Waldmann’s, and, Antares Oakleaf lettuces, Space Spinach, Bordeaux Spinach, Pac Choi and Senposai (Chinese greens), Bright Lights Chard (multi colored stems), Green Wave Mustard, Rainbow Carrots (multi color), Red and Golden Beets, Oregon Giant  Snow Peas, Turnips, and transplanted Fiesta OG Broccoli and Arugula.

A grass mowing marathon on Sunday produced piles of mulch for future use, and we rolled out the irrigation system to give the Extra Hardy German garlic and Egyptian onions a good drink.

Meanwhile Stella found a groundhog under one of the barns.

Lola and Marvin enjoyed the sun and warm flagstones.

A view from the far end of the meadow, the market garden is in the distance at the other end, just before the tree line.

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